Friday, November 11, 2011

Dear Anonymous

Did you ever get to see coloured clouds? It rained a lot, didn't it? Did you ever get to walk a path amongst dense trees to discover a stream with water clearer than crystal making its way around rocks? Did you ever fall in love? Those hollywoodish kisses are completely overrated, by the way.

You could have experienced it all: the flutter of a bird's wings between your hands, soft earth, so inviting that you could fall asleep on it, someone's lips so close to yours, you shiver ... and yet you didn't. You had a chance at love, sweet and warm. There would never have been another sad moment.

You didn't have to leave so soon. You could have stayed longer, laughed better, seen more ... anything but fade away from the world, etched in my memories nevertheless. Even as I write, I know that the world, for you, was just a golden cage. You tore away from its glittering bonds and disappeared faster than a wisp of vapour. But your cage was not empty, not for long anyway. The world caught its bird, stuffed and bound it cruelly inside metal cords you managed to break free of.

Sometimes I wonder if you know that someone else's living a legacy you left behind. It's not that I'm not happy with what I have but I wished you could have what is rightfully yours. I wish you'd know and with what you deserve, realize where you truly belong and exchange places...

But, really, would you? Because you've never even met me and I don't even know your name.

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Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Beautiful letter. :D
But then,

Look the leaves are dead
The moments gone, there's no surrender
Forever now unsaid
The words that might've warmed December
Cos it's all inside your head
Like fragments of a dream you remember
So never mind, your clever mind, never mind...

~Poets of the Fall

Blasphemous Aesthete