Friday, November 11, 2011

One For My Virtual Friends

Not so heroic as to save me from a burning train. Not so sweet as sugar always. Not always together to hang out with. Thousands of miles away, yet close to heart... close knitted through a common messenger... Yes, these are my "virtual" friends. Friends who probably hardly knew what I even looked like, but that did not matter to them. Here I count all of them who gave me the acceptance and the love I did not get from real friends {which I did not have}. The names may be in random order - though they are grouped. I will write all of you, with a note of thanks.

Starting with....

Real Virtual friends
Friends in Reality, as well as virtuosity!

Arpit : Best Friend, school time classmate, who met me back through orkut. Heard me out, advised me, gave me the support in difficult times, when the world seemed to fall apart, he just sent his messages and somehow it was all good again... :) have not met him in nine years, but feels like I just met him yesterday...

Nivedita : College besty, worldly wise and lawyer-ly. Has keyed in more advice on messenger than talked to me at college. Has comforted me like a sister... I think i should miss you *winks*. Loadsa people keep asking me if I do...

Tarak (sir =P) : Techie, geek, hacker and cracker. Friend, guide, senior, mentor... Thank you for being there. The finer points of My/SQL were impossible without your slight push.

Ashish Pal Singh : A great, charming, debonair guy, with all the good qualities. Met you at the conference, treasure you (and you sis, who deserves a post too) for life.

Isha Pal Singh : A young, sweet, colourful and extremely helpful gal, cute to her blood vessels. Knew you were my friend when you sat next to me at WSRCC without reason - just to give company!

First among equals.
Those who met me first and I believe will "last"...

Jitendra : The first person to add me as friend on yahoo messenger, my first window to the world. You are a great person!

Nikunj : NITian, one of my first friends, wished me on my real birthday, and now has by-hearted my official one too.. thoughtful of you buddy...

Pallav Dutta : Another NITian - I wonder what the connection is... a rhymer by heart, engineer by head, a great friend by all means... treasure you "sweets".. lol.

Only lonely's
The only children of their parents, not unlike me. Gave me some space to speak, albeit in their communities and scrapbooks and messenger windows!

Ashish Chaudhary : Loads of Ashish's actually =P. The guy, who, like me was an only child since time immemorial, gave me strength, made me laugh with his long tales of misadventures. Funny and caring. When was your last email?

Smitha : Another only child. Shared my illusions. Shared memories (though few) but there was enough relief that there was someone of my kind around.

Now! This is a post!
Dedication to those who made a strong foundation for Now! This is a Community! A community formed by friends, for friends. No amount of jest hurt anyone here. And that is a rule in fact. And yes, they made sure I never had to moderate a discussion.

Lia : My adopted Chinese sister! Sweet gal with an awesome energy! Love you *hugs*!

Dennis : Immensely talented with words and though comes up with blood-curdling scary stories, he always makes me yawn. Something only my teachers have managed to do! Thank you for your comfort at an odd moment, when I needed it most.

Kalpesh a.k.a. Virus : Cribs about me not talking to him. Is usually online. Witty, humorous and well surfed (if not well read)! Always remembers to send me an IM. Sorry that I couldnt reply to so many.. you deserve this post! Dun forget your "bachchi".

Simarjeet : The coffee guy with a food joint. Mature, friendly, good humoured. You make great company dude. You are among the coolest!

Vikram (Vix sir) : Self proclaimed "teacher" who would ask us to keep track of our own presence. Witty, humorous and fun, you have made a difference to our community.

Hina : My friendly village neighbour with whom I sneak out of Vix sir's (next persons) class and then off we go to have Ramu Kaka's "golas" he makes specially for us.

DRJ and Incubus : I don't know why I write these names together (and worse! Why I am not writing their real names at all!). The reason, least being the fact that they both are loyal members who joined around the same time! And thank you for reading my first post Incubus.

Scorpios Rock!
Yes that is true, other than being the name of a community. The place where I found friends I couldn't find ANY match for....

Ashu : My sweet "Twinsy" (because we share our birthdays) - chirpy and colourful, a sweetheart... love you sooooo much!! *Mwah*

Sharat : Irish Babu, Indian Spirit. Buggy and sweet, a great friend by all means...

Shivangi : Usually at the background, never talked much to whom, still she wished I would be there at our Scorpio Rocks meet. I really missed it :(.

Sorry people, didn't get a better title, just that you don't fall in any so-called "categories". Doesn't mean I love you any less!

Sanjeev : The try-hard flirto, who'd give anything to "patao" a gal.. :P. But you are quite sweet, wishing you all the very best.. for you know what!

Peyush : Looks like he has brains for everything, and mostly, a desire to communicate that. Your blog was insightful.

Sunil : The "Marathhi Mulga" in my friendlist, or the only such virtual friend. Keep sending those awesome emails, like all, you too have enriched life a lot!

Indrajit Guha : Ah well, what to say about him, is mostly "Under water". But has kept in touch. Like real virtual friends!

Ghatti chulbuli : Baby baby! What shall I say?? Funny to say the least, sweet and most innocent by far...

Purvang Zinzuwadia : Awesome name (last name - I really liked it since the mention of a Doctor Zinzuwadia on Radio Mirchi), a scorpio like me, has always admired my talent for stealing collecting images.

Journalists Incarnate
Unusual to find in real life, these "real-life" specimens needed a special mention... so do their blogs! Of course I have to thank orkut.

Rohan Dua : I wish you would have grown up a bit. You are still as naughty as a kid. Or are all journalist like this?? I think it is a part of your "journo-giri".

Robin Bansal a.k.a. Hector Incarnate : Didnt know journos could do some real life poetry... and lots of fun too!

Concluding, shortly!!
You people have, knowingly or unknowingly, affected me deep down, have changed my outlook towards life and shared much bottled up feelings... Love you all so very much!!

Special Mention
So people deserving the "real" attention of this post end.
There are still two names I would give a special mention to. Not so much of my friends though, they have taught me some vital lessons, albeit the hard way around. Too bad, it actually turned for the worse. Wish it would have ended in a better way, or better still - not ended at all....

Vaibhav : Who taught me it is not so bad after all to lose your gal... and....

Serjesh : Who taught me taught me to appreciate the fact better, that there is a real persona sitting beyond the virtual terminal through which he/she is keying in the words....

Indeed, these were people about whom I didn't write much, but deserve praise beyond words. I guess there are some concluding sentences to this post... Of course these friendships were not possible without an internet messenger. Thank you Yahoo! Gmail and Rediff. and of course a "platform" called "orkut". To their creators I bow... respect overflowing. And well, behind all this, one inanimate friend kept working for hours, beyond resource hungry processes, disk accesses and network transfers.. My PC. Love you too, wish you could see this and celebrate with me.

And lastly, I cannot end with saying, this post was slightly "late" in coming. Reasons are many, not the least being that Mr. Void published his before I did.. plagiarism is his copyright. Meet me someday, i'll fill up that void with lots of punches! *JK*

And ah.. this was a long post... i'm stretching out now... *yawn*

Fare Well!!


Simarjeet said...

yet another time i have only one thing to say...
thanx... :D

anju said...

ohh noo hold on i forgot to add..Ur chweet ..ur bacha ..ur smart ..ur in mah hrt..

Jst wana say thankz for being ther when i needed somone..u hv no clue wht u did for me jst being ther..

Louvv ya forevrr Mah Twinsy ;-)..

Patchez said...

@Ashu really?? lol don chuck that comment re... ;-)

anju said...

NoPEsiee re..nahi tune kiya wahi acha kiya..:-)ha ha!!...

abey @@patchez...of course true @ true and @ sachi muchi...u pagal...ab tum aise bologe..:-P.
wAITin for ur next patch wrk...:-)

Note: MAh Previos COmMENT HAS BEEN CHUKED On AFter muTuaL BrAiNstORMin..coz it ws too diabteic ..(she is gud re but did raise questions on mah preferences kiddin..:-P..) ha ha!!..and Well she thot diplomatic...

Patchez said...

Ah well, ma patchwrk will come soon, u keep postin yer comments.. haha!!

melancholy's child said...

=))love d golas gurl!;)

zahid said...

I bet i will write you a better comment when i include my name in this list!.!.!.!.!.!

Blogs arent like the spoken words, they can be changed, rihgt?

zahid said...

And I knew a certain 'you' after reading ur blog....,;blogs are like children, pure and malice free and revealing traits...
Chk out my blog, perhaps you would know a certain 'me'.

Patchez said...

Hav checked out ur blog Zahid.. will comment soon, juz that lifez keepin me too busy these dys! Even spoken words have a scope of bein taken bak... then this is a blog! :)

jayant said...

this is the 4th successive blog of yours that I'm reading and even I'm amazed at the patience level I've attained!!!
And before you start hurling abuses at a stranger let me tell you that the reason to the aforementioned act is your blog making such interesting reading..
And yes,I would want to write something similar but that would be violating the copyright of the original person(which isnt you anyway), isnt it??
track me down on orkut if u have time...

Patchez said...

its allrite.. i welcome brickbats... and brickbatz!! {if you throw bouquets i catch em too :)}

manisha said...

was long but intresting yar!!! u hv got so many virtual frnds..i personally believe virtual frnds r beter dan real ones...i can easily pour my heart out to them!!>.

laddu said...

i had made dat comm 4 myself n was happy 4 dat but later i realised dat d best thing dat had happened 2 me after making dat was meeting u thru dat argument in one of teh threads....thnks 4 being dere always....

Anonymous said...

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