Friday, November 11, 2011

Of Roofs, Ceilings and Skies...

Hi there!
How have you been?
What's up?

Something everyone's been asking me, especially when everything is down... No, no more on it. Let's come to the point.. The point is how do you answer (is everything, with you, like me, also down? If it is, you should do what I am doing, write a blog post, lol) this "What's up?". If you have become tired of answering "roof", "ceiling" and "sky" or "stars" or even the dreaded "nothing" (Imagine, having _nothing_ over you! Not even sky!) and feel, you are at a loss of words, here are a few silly suggestions. Don't worry too much about the answers being silly, the *question* is silly to start with! Here we go, what do you answer when

On a beach?

Q. What's up?
A. Surf's up! 8)

Happy hours?

Q. What's up?
A. Bottoms up! 0.O ())-(

Chasing a deadline, rather hopelessly?

Q. What's up?
A. Time's up! O-Z-<


Q. What's up?
A. Hands up! |o|

Going for a party?

Q. What's up?
A. Make up. 8)

Congratulating someone?

Q. What's up?
A. Thumbs up. @}-`-

Hehe... enjoying? Here's more (If you haven't been, I suggest you do this)


Q. What's up?
A. Write up.


Q. What's up?
A. Tea cup! ~O)

Q. What's up?
A. Coffee cup! (For coffee fans)

This reminds me of work...


Q. What's up?
A. Look up. :-)x


Q. What's up?
A. Round up!

Police again?

Q. What's up?
A. Lock up!

All confused with so many "ups"?

Q. What's up?
A. Mix-up!

Well a silly thing to pass time, you know after all, most things done to pass time are silly - or nerdy.

Enough up's already? Maybe our conversation will be something like this..

Me: What's up?
You: Shut up! :|

Well, if not, suggest some more, the comments section is all (well, mostly) yours!

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Drunk, user is having wine


in a hurry

you said it, hands up

yes, rose :)


Hemali said...

he he...wht an idea :)

I liked it really...
specially "deadlines" and "times up"...n amazing combination for tht que whatz up ??

|| niVey || said...

\/\/|-|/\Ts up ? :P

laddu said...

as usual....another cool posting....:):)
keep writing like dis only....:)

Anonymous said...


whats up?
suck up


whats up
grow up

Quaintzy Patchez said...

@Hemali, lol yea, suits us eh?? lol i heard exam postpone hogi :D i REALLY wish it happens :(

|'/\/\ 912347!!! (great)

thanks yaar, tu bhi likhte rahiyo

i get a curious feeling i know you... thanks.. those are good!

Quaintzy Patchez said...

in fact the parents one was _totally_ awesome :D

Anonymous said...

a comment with OpenID

CrAzzY cOnfUsEd CyNicc said...

happy bday..(one week belated, sorry!)

Avery Apollo Jetigui said...

what's he mean b'day???

your supposed to remind me!!!

Grr!! why do i bother!!

*goes back under his rock*

ps: great post *~*

Quaintzy Patchez said...

@CrAzzY cOnfUsEd CyNicc
Thanks! :D for the comment and the wishes!!

@Avery Apollo Jetigui
Will you please, please show yourself? and temme why i get this queer feeling i know you?

clueless said...

at a pub


Quaintzy Patchez said...


goes well with bottoms up.. lol thanks!

AbbY said...

hilarious work

very creative

Thumbs up for ur blog

Quaintzy Patchez said...


Thanks for all the encouragement!

zahid said...

The comment's up ;)

Quaintzy Patchez said...

Thumbs up Zed! ;)