Friday, November 11, 2011

Rain dance...

Grey skies, heavens silent
Lightning, thunder, cloudy torrent.
Seeping cool, spreading winds,
A pitter-patter, lightly sings.

Tickly drops, glistening earth
A warm scent, a cold hearth
A palm I spread, to let the drops
Drizzle past me, as all sound stops

My weathered griefs, my old woes
Despondence deep, dark sorrows,

Oh mighty rain, wash me clean,
Rinse me off my memories harsh
Let me blossom, unfurling petals,
Lotus of a mucky marsh!

Wash me clean of fading hopes
Of world's confines, stifling ropes

Lift me high, drowned in trance
Dreams alight, thoughts prance
Wash me off my weathered self,
A free woman, in a Wild dance...
A free woman, in a Wild dance...

Just the sort of thoughts the Rain brings in :-)


zahid said...

Oh mighty rain set me free
Lemme stand alone like a tree
which handsfree and footloose
enjoys the drops sent loose
unlike us humans always in trance
And ever afraid to make a move Or play a dance !!!

Quaintzy Patchez said...

Great Zahid! youre in the Rain-y spirit!! :D

>--0.o--< *hugs*

Subhra Das said...

Thank you for leaving your comment on 'Anju & Subhra' blog. The rain does indeed set loose a whole lot of memories and dreams for the future alike. The monsoon has always fascinated me with its formidable dark thundering clouds, the joy of dancing about in the first rain and not to forget the making of paper boats, watching them sail away on sea of puddles.Nice post.

Quaintzy Patchez said...

@Subhra Das..

Well thanks for getting back here :) you're sure right (although im not sure how correct you are about the last sentence? :O)

well, keep visiting :)

crystal ship said...

sexy description!/)
love it...d imagry in yo work is brilliant!:)if i may use d jargon f d poetic world!;)

Quaintzy Patchez said...

@crystal ship
..and what might be that jargon of the poetic world lady? and whats o "sexy" about it?

Dennis said...

you check out all my friends????

what a good sis.
now i'd like you to be better than just good and gimme feed back as well.
p.s: who the hell is black end???

Crazy Confused Cynic said...

wonderful writing! can totally relate to it!
n thx for ur comment on my blog -sempiscribbles - i'd never thot ny1 wud read or comment on it - it's just so full of randomness!

Quaintzy Patchez said...

LOL @crazy confused cynic

that's what blogging is all about lol ;) welcome to the world that's blogging :D

Quaintzy Patchez said...

Yes i do check your friends' blogs out

PS: i haven the slightest idea @who's black-end ;)