Friday, November 11, 2011

Cookie Fortune! :)

Well, I know my story isn't coming anywhere soon [read until after my exams] but I cannot let the dry season (no reference to the Ahmedabad summers - better to the liquor prohibition) rule my blog at least. There isn't a single post in April, which is slow even by a big-time-procrastinator's [me!] standards. Mostly confusion has been ruling my life lately.. with parents/lecturers/friends/corporate bosses being very mean demanding to me, but those, I happily accept, are the occupational hazards of being a daughter/low-profile-college student/a friend/placement coordinator or representative.. respectively :|

See? We are coming to fortunes (I was tempted to precede it with a "mis" but that's for another day) meanwhile I have something interesting to share with you.. fortune cookies, or the cookie fortunes, if you will please. I read a bottom bar in Reader's Digest two days back about them. The writer, wittily pointed out "It's not enough for fortune cookies to tell you what you want to hear. These fortune cookies tell you what you need to hear" ;) which I find very true, here are some I'm listing down which I found from a few sources and hope you will agree, some are funny, some philosophical and rest, plain awesome :)

Here we go!

Laugh at yourself and you can always be amused. :)

When you pray for rain, carry an umbrella. [so right eh? :P]

He who goes with crabs learns to walk backwards. :P

From listening comes wisdom and from speaking comes repentance!! [very much!]

Don't be so humble, you're not so great.

Mud thrown is ground lost.

Conscience is the inner voice that tells us that someone's looking. :)

You often meet destiny on the road you take to avoid it.

If the beard were all, the goat might preach. :P

She who laughs, lasts. [Modified version of "He who laughs, lasts."]

You only think you know how to use chopsticks. [any testifiers to this?]

Yes you do have something between your teeth.

Someone will find great prosperity and happiness by stealing your identity.

The best time to study human nature is when you are alone. ;)

In times of danger, absence of body is better than presence of mind. [so true at times, at least I avoid confrontations by all means]

The world is your cow but you have to do the milking. [Here's mine - The world is your oyster but you have to do the diving!]

Time is the wisest counsellor. [By far the most famous one, but we all keep forgetting]

Shame fades in a morning but debts remain from day to day. [Did you pay your dues?]

To love deeply in one direction makes us more loving in others.

A good scare is worth more than good advice. [Sometimes very much so!]

A fox knows much but more he that catches him. ;)

He who angers you, conquers you. ;)

Life is so startling, it leaves little time for something else! [Ah darn! That's an everyday story]

Common sense is the set of prejudices acquired by age eighteen. [Right you are!]

If you live with cats, you get a taste for mice. ;)

All treasures of the world cannot bring back one lost moment. :(

Wit is the salt of the conversation.. not the food.. ;)

Fame is a magnifying glass.... :D [Are celebrities listening?]

You are strong enough to treasure love. [Okay this was more like something you want to hear, but the fact remains that you need strength to treasure love]

[And last but not the least is a quote by Longfellow]
The rays of happiness, like the rays of light, are colourless when unbroken.

And now please scroll up a bit and take a look at the right hand side of my blog, you should find a "Fortune Cookie" widget. If you have some more interesting cookie fortunes, do paste them in the comments section.. :)

Have a nice fortune today!

Fare you well!


Pallav said...

Have they started this section in Readers Digest????
Real interesting sum of them for the first time!!!
Interestin post tho!!

Patchez said...


Thanks Pallav..
nah there's no section started yet, but this is the joke at the end of one of the articles.. this April issue

zahid said...

Patchy Patchy Patchez !!!

Let me give you one such home made cookie

Those who collect oneliners almost always love Winnie the pooh !!!!


Solitaire said...

hey!! this widget is real cool! And I love this image you put up!

When are you going to continue with the story?

Kaushal said...

Today's fortune: You are next in line for promotion in your firm

Patchez said...

@Zahid.. its beautiful! :) Thank you, i love Winnie The Pooh

@Solitaire.. soon after my exams :) when will ya post a new story?

@kaushal.. really?? ;)

p.s. For the widget i thank Meena

zahid said...

One more

Those who love winnie the pooh almost always are scorpios

Hemali said...

really awesome ....loved it !

and yup tht corporate demand sentence....claps for u !!

keep it up !

Patchez said...

@Zahid, how are you so sure of that ;)

Thank you dear :) enjoy the fortune cookie :)

zahid said...

Becoz A survey states that !!! But the only loophole is that the survey was conducted only among one individual And that is you !!!


Patchez said...

heheheheh... Zahid! ;)


manisha said...

love is sex misspelled...dunno weder it counts as a fortune cookie :)

Patchez said...

lol!! sure it does, gal :D
especially 4 men! lol, thanks ;)

Rhetorical Rhymester said...

Yay. I was lucky. Patchez visited my blog AND commented too but then I noticed it almost half-a-year later. :P

Nice Blog! I just can't stop reading! =D =)

Quaintzy Patchez said...

@rhetorical rhymester!

:) thanks dear!! keep reading :D
@half-a-year-later.. never mind, i saw that as a pleasant surprise!