Friday, November 11, 2011

A Glass Full at Kan-juice!

Yep, this one goes out to VM and Ud.. :)

So I think it's been no government secret (something everyone knows about anyway) that Glass Full is serving free* juices to Aapnu Amdavad's public
. Especially since he's been whispering it to his friends {some of which happen to be women [heard of the next best means of communication after telephone and television, haven't you? Tell-a-woman?]} to come over at Glass Full and tell him how they liked the juices and mocktails they serve..

What? You don't know what Glass Full is? Ok. Here's a primer
1. Its the most popular link on the right hand side of Ahmedabad's one of the least popular blogs.
2. Its an example of what bankers do when they are not trying to stuff finance-plans down customers throats. [You'll come to know thats not the only thing]
3. Its a Juice junction.

Ever since the idea has taken shape [of a sexy, luscious, wine juice glass of Borosil] me and TDV have been trying to convince VM to rechristen Glass Full [an awesome idea by VM's buddy, Karan, but TDV, yours was ultimate] to Kan-juice, since that is the only name you can give to a juice junction run by a Sindhi (with original copyrights preserved), (I even tried to make him compromise to put this in the p.s. - since that's what smart junta looks for in a tag line.) but VM didn't quite agree :(
However he's pretty much made his intentions clear since the juice are free*
. Its no longer the enterprise of a Kan-juice. So well, why exactly am I writing a "featured post" for Glass Full?

Reason is simple. I've been bribed! By a sea-cool, blue-lagoon smoothie, and hot sandwiches, served by, who else.. VM and Ud Themselves! Man, it made my day today, what with the scorching sun wanting to have a sip glass full too ;).

Glass Full celebrated its opening ceremony today. The counters are set, the backdrops have been [cut and] pasted, glass walls have been painted with delicious looking fruits... in short we're almost there, as I found out today - with two of my placement cell friends.

Glass Full - the juice junction is still in a Beta-stage... meaning they are still taking feedback from their customers visitors. Glass Full goes main stream from Thursday. The founders have created a blog [how web 2.0 wise!] where they list down their experiences, anxieties, ecstasies, hopes and nervousness while they made Glass Full a reality. If you cannot make it to the actual place please click the link and wish them good luck.. and if you ever visit Ahmedabad, do come over, I'll give you a treat there ;) - of course after Thursday.

For all my Amdavadi friends, here's where you should be rushing the moment you finish reading the blog..

Road Facing Ground Floor,
Galaxy Towers,
Next to Mr. Beans Café, Off CG Road,

See you at Glass Full! Fare you well!! :)

* free only for the next 3 days.
For my treat, conditions apply
For timing details please contact VM first. [back to top]


तुषार वर्मा said...

this post is almost a complete rip off from the similar post on my blog. unauthorised and unabashed are hereby sentenced to ten comments on my every upcoming posts.

Patchez said...


I have clearly mentioned that I have kept the original copyrights reserved.. now since you have falsely accused me of blatant plagiarism, I sentence you to 11 comments on every upcoming post of mine... lol

fare you well :|

vijay said...

@Patchez: thanks sweet heart m sure this ll get us atleast 50 new guests... thanks it means a lot to us. n ya thanks for coming.
@tdv and Patchez: both the posts are inspired by glassfull. TDV: u r sentenced to 5 comments on all glassfull posts. both upcoming and already posted.
Patchez: u ve to bring ur next date to glassfull for date dinner and that is sponsored by Kanjuice.
REaders: drop a comment on all u know u might be lucky to win a free drink. so what u waiting for!!!!

Winnie the poohi said...

oh! how i wish I was in tamaaru amdavad!

Patchez said...

tsk tsk..

Ure always invited, sister! >:D<
lou ya.. :)

Solitaire said...

WOW WOW! I wanna go there too!!

Patchez said...

You're invited Solitaire!! :D

come right over!

Soham Shah said...

I m going to Ahmedabad this weekend and planning to visit the glass gul junction !! ..

So will u giv me a treat??

Patchez said...

@soham shah
yea sure... but you agree to the fact that my conditions apply :D

Anjali said...

That seems like a real cool hang-out..
Will check it out asap,
meanwhile, I think that you should check out

burrp! is the fun and easy way to find, review and talk about what's great - and not so great - in your local area. It's about real people giving their honest and personal opinions on everything from restaurants and spas to coffee shops and bars.
Check it out and let me know how you find it?

Quaintzy Patchez said...


Heyie! i checked it out! Cool site :D
Are you heloanjali over there? Just one more request.. if you go there tell them you came from this blog ok?

Anjali said...

Yes i am helloanjali but i could not make out what u meant by
"if you go there tell them you came from this blog ok?"

If you like the site why dont u sign up and give some of your valuable reviews on the food scene in ahmedabad

Quaintzy Patchez said...

@anjali, @signing up, sure i will..

but if you go at Glass Full some day do creep in a word about my blog that you found something interesting about GlassFull et al.. thats all.. hehe.. *winks*

Cheers! :)

Anjali said...

Sure. I will.
Also I will Wait to see your Reviews on


Quaintzy Patchez said...


Thanks Anjali.. :)