Friday, November 11, 2011

My Comic-al life. Alternatively, My Life in Comics

Alright, folks. You have always wanted to read my story, isn't it? By my story, I do not mean the worthless stories I write, I mean, my story. And my story means My Story :)

Heh, did you think I say you are interested in my story because I'm some wildly [in?]famous person? Luxuries like so are affordable only by people like Dawood and Osama, and their children's weddings :D

Well anyway so I say you want to learn about my story because you are curious. Curiosity is a very human trait. If you aren't human, do let me know ;) [alternatively, don't tell me you didn't want to read, you have to choice to press the close button on the browser title bar - hey, hey, hey, I'm not sulking, I have known people reading my blog. Its just that I would like to see someone close the browser by just the looks of my blog and pledge not to read it again]

Let's start with my childhood.

So here's my story - as told by minus.

I was a little, harmless kid, but nobody liked me.. *sob*

but then, I had this new, magical friend!

In my school, students would bully a timid me... I didn't raise a single squeak against them

But excuse me folks, minus and me have only a little difference, I had long hair when I was a kid.. she did not, I would look something like this way back then...

I would have said my childhood wasn't too worth living, but here's what they tell women "Your childhood may not be worth living but you must realize that it is now gone."

Alright, I did not want to sound too "emo" here. Let us see if there are other comic characters who agree to speak my life?

Here's why I like Garfield :)
He's lazy, he's cuddly, he's witty. He has no work to do but to eat sleep and meow. Life in a slow lane is exactly what I love to have.

I'm usually a laid back, quiet person at home and the only worthwhile work I do is Energy Conservation

But I can be a fatal trouble if I wish

Sometimes I can be creative, but the world doesn't like me too much

But that does not stop me from having fun.

Not that it always works out :(

A lover of sleep more than anything else

Sarcastic? Oh, definitely!

But that doesn't mean I don't have a heart....

I am as unlucky as the Murphy's laws predict!

Yet I am dignified!

Nerd, at times.

But that doesn't mean there aren't people worse than me... (Bonus Garfield and Ed Series!)

Sometimes an experience with someone else's tragic lives can leave you deeply moved!

No wait, they are only better

Here's another beautiful comic I love - Who else, Winne the Pooh and Friends!

Helpful and cheerful like Tigger..


A little grumpy, but witty at the same time

I have a very interesting voice!

And I'll lift up your spirits, dear friend.. even if it means I'll have to act stupid.

Sure I can be emo at times

Well, not quite this emo

There are things I have learned the hard way in life, courtesy of Little Dog, Lost (Because I identify with the last word specially.. not sure about the first two)

Some people sulk.


Need I say anything...

Hope you folks had a laugh. I could have said that was all about me. Except for these parting words.

I shall remain a loner forever


I shall put a smile on the face of every person I meet, but I shall be gone from the face of this earth soon and never claim any credit for that.

Fare you well, my friend. Fare you well, my foe!

Fare you well, dear visitor!


Quaintzy Patchez said...

minus is copyright of Ryan Armand
Garfield is copyright of Jim Davis
Winnie the Pooh comics are copyright of Disney
And Little Dog is copyright of Steve Boreman

Winnie the poohi said...


vijay said...

Loved every bit of the post. Specially the way each strip is used. Must say the most interesting patch so far. The post tells a bit about u n leaves a lot for imagination.

Quaintzy Patchez said...

Thanks, thats a lot of encouragement!! Keep posting comments! :) whats up with you these days?

rubypanther said...

hey Beautiful, thanks for all the smiles!!! :)))))

Stranger said...

hey patches... that was a great collection... Minus really lifted me up...

nice use of the strips...

Quaintzy Patchez said...

Thanks stranger! :)

Keep visiting, ok?

zahid said...

Quaintzy....The cartoons are a magnanimous grandanimous collection. It looks as if it will take forever to read em all !!! But they are indeed a beautiful collection.

I love Garfield.

Quaintzy Patchez said...

@zahid :D
Thanks!! Well take your time!! :)

CrAzzY cOnfUsEd CyNicc said...

hehe, i love this post! super-cool use of the comic strips!

Quaintzy Patchez said...

@CrAzzY cOnfUsEd CyNicc

hehe.. thanks :) glad you liked it!

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