Friday, November 11, 2011

A Straight Face

Living now for the twenty first time
Another year left behin'
Family and friends, enemies, allies
Trophies of achievements, countless follies
Smiles sorrows, laughter 'n' grace
I look at them with a straight face...

Devoid of emotions, Empty of light
No soul to befriend, no foe to fight
No touch of love, no warmth of fire
Twist and toil, drag and tire
Yet i live in a rats race
Never running, always walking.. sensation less..
With a straight face

Bits of life, fly away
The wind that comes with fierce sway
I blink my eyes, I fold my hands
I walk away.. to my own errands
Life frowns, I return its gaze
She's surprised, I have a straight face!

I walk on thorns, eternal twilight, dead grass
as I walk past - the mirror cracks - shattering glass
it falls at my feet, my true face revealed
dead grey skin, you might as well have squealed....
but my lifeless image blinks... I stay unfazed
'Cause life has now left me forever..... straight faced :-|


zahid said...

My dear patchez!!!

~~~~ A year later u'll say~~~~

Approaching is a special day,
Twenty second time I can say,

I look at the year jus crossed,
sufferd & enjoyed, happy & sad,

Then at this small poem i see,
Of the times my brain was free,

A ' :) ' balances a ' :( '
To keep a straight face :|

Patchez said...


thanks for the poem... :)
i knw things will be that way only.. :|

Anurag said...

u visit...i visit...visit visit :o)

nice poem...but quite sad

n doesnt it help to smile rather than keep a straight face :D


Patchez said...

ah well, up to you.. very much up to u... :)

Sid said...

mind you Patchez, tis the beginning of old age when you pass through the most important matters of your life with a straight face... doesn't matter you're 20 or 25 or 75, when it happens.
You've only one life, so be elated, be sad, love, live, smile, or cry... but don't be so 'straight face'.

Patchez said...

Hey, Sid! :)

Great to see ya bak here.. ;)
@the straight face

Its a phase... will be gone soon

Void said...

Without a doubt the best you have ever written... Like I have said countless times... best written pieces are those where you can extract every ounce of misery.....

There it was, every ounce and more.... AWESOME!!

Patchez said...

*bows* Thank you.. tho yea.. this was misery and more.. hehe

TC! :)

Winnie the poohi said...

lovely poem :)

well straight face is better than frown anytime hon.. juss hangin there

The Queen said...

love the write..but why STRAIGHT FACE sweets?? is this real??..:-O..

why do i hv problems relating u and straight face...
ahem ahem..we need to talk..:-P..
we really need to talkkkkkk....

★●Shadow Stalker●★ said...

Truly mesmerizing, you really know your way with words, I love the rhyming.


Cupid's Best Pal said...

awesy piece.

how old r u btw?

★●Shadow Stalker●★ said...

Please don't bow to me, I don't deserve such a thing, when I will, I shall take it from you. *smiles*

Patchez said...

@Shadow stalker
You serious?
Well thats my way of expressing gratitude.. hope u understand

@Cupid's best Pal..
Thank you :)
Im twenty.. don u trust my profile? ;)
See ya.. thanks for comn both of ya!

*screeeems* I AM CALLING YOU!!!!
Del mein sunai diya??

Patchez said...

@Winnie the Poohi
Heyie thanks!
You look like this cool dudette - an optimist in every day! :)

~Chaaaooo!! *hugs*

crystal ship said...

wo ho! take ur bows once again gurl! its a masterpiece!/)
brilliant i say.....
tho hope ul pass outta this phase really really soon!:)
lov ya!:*

Patchez said...

Hey cheers! *hic* oops?? okay JK.. yea will be out soon! :)

Love.. Patchez..

Anonymous said...

hmmm nice!

Patchez said...

Thanks, Anonymous :|

I thought this had a pathetic rhyme tho.. :( - results of a very late afterthought